our mission
Being a partner for contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.
Expertise in
Fulfilling your orders within specifications and on time.
We Offer
Manufacturing of tablets, capsules & soft gels and bottle and blister packaging services.
Built with the most advanced manufacturing & packaging technologies available.
We would be proud to be your business and manufacturing partner. Contact us or fill out our quote form to start the process!

Why Tarsal Pharmaceuticals?

Years of Experience
We know how to technically fulfill your orders. We pay attention to details and have quality checks in place to guarantee 100% satisfaction.
Most Advanced Equipment
The manufacturing, bottle and blister equipment is the most advanced in the world. Designed in quality checks will ensure your orders are correct.
Highly Trained Personnel
All of our personnel are fully trained on our processes and procedures. This ensures compliance to cGMP standards.

About Us

Tarsal Pharmaceuticals offers your company the manufacturing and packaging services that you need.

From our compliant cGMP and registered FDA facility in Oceanside, CA we can provide manufacturing of tablets, capsules and soft gel capsules and quality packaged bottles and blisters.

We accomplish this with our years of packaging experience and the most advanced manufacturing and packaging equipment and technology.


Superior tablet manufacturing is affordable at Tarsal Pharmaceuticals because we manufacture in-house at our certified facility. The entire tableting process takes place under one roof from start to finish.

  •  Formulation Service  
  •  Technical Support 
  •  Lab Analysis 

Bottle Packaging

Tarsal Pharmaceuticals can bottle solid dosage in tablet, capsule, caplet, soft/liquid gel or gel capsule forms. Our highly controlled bottle process, utilizing highly accurate counters guarantees 100% accurately counted bottles.
  • Labeling & Outserting  
  • Carton & Case Packing
  •  Unit Sale Serialization

Blister Packaging

We can supply blisters for the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industries. These blisters can be physician sample packs, patient compliance packaging, clinical trial materials or hospital unit dose packs.
  •  PVC/Alu, PVDC/Alu & Alu/Alu Blisters  
  • Carton & Case Packing 
  • Unit Sale Serialization
Manufacturing Services
Blending, Granulation, Coating, Printing, Encapsulation & Tablet Compression.
Blister Packaging
Alu-Alu, Alu-PVC, Alu-DPVC or Alu-Aclar blisters with cartons.
Bottle Packaging
Compliance Labeling, Unit Sale Serialization and Outserting with cartons.
We would be proud to be your business and manufacturing partner. Contact us or fill out our quote form to start the process!
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